Energy efficiency – do the numbers stack up?

As a business specialising in electricity and gas procurement, this year we have seen energy prices soar rapidly in a short period of time making the business case for energy efficiency initiatives such as solar power, LED lighting and equipment upgrades more compelling than ever. Especially when we have also seen the cost of solar panels, for example, come down sharply. Business who want to protect themselves against the rising cost of energy are now seeing the benefits of investing in energy reduction initiatives as a means of controlling their energy costs.

We have assisted many clients from business case development and budgeting all the way to supplier selection and implementation. The number of solar suppliers in the market has surged and we understand that the choice can be daunting which is why we’ve spent a considerable amount of time doing our due diligence and partnering with a number of suppliers that can assist all our clients whether you’re a small family run business or a large multi-national with a number of decision-makers. For more information contact us

Below our some of our recent projects

Grant funding

With our help, an SA based gymnasium sporting equipment manufacturer, has been successful in their application for grant funding from the SA Energy Productivity Program. We brought the grant to their attention earlier this year and assisted them in taking advantage of the energy audit to identify relevant energy saving opportunities for their business. They will be going ahead with a 62.5 KVAR Power Factor Correction Unit as well as LED high bays and tubes for their workshops through one of our reputable energy efficiency partners.

Solar projects 

Approval and installation for an 80kw solar project for a chemical processing plant in Victoria was completed in October. We have been assisting this client with all their electricity and gas procurement needs since 2014. Sustainable Energy Solutions and our solar partner on this project were selected from a shortlist of three other suppliers.

Earlier this year we assisted an Australian wholesale distributor of kitchen and joinery supplies with selecting a solar partner for three sites across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. Installation was completed earlier this year and the client is delighted with the savings on their bill.

LED projects

We have a number of LED projects underway with various suppliers. We are looking forward to reviewing the savings in the new year.