The ACT will gain one of the nation’s biggest batteries, capable of powering 25,000 homes for two hours, as it moves to end its reliance on fossil fuels.

ACT Climate Change Minister Shane Rattenbury announced a tender for the storage on Thursday, along with a large expansion in renewable energy generation for Canberra.

The proposed battery would be able to store about one-third as much power as the Hornsdale reserve in South Australia, which is the world’s biggest lithium-ion battery.

Mr Rattenbury said the ACT facility, which would take about two years to build, would help stabilise the electricity network and allow Canberra to operate solely on renewable power.

“It will also support the ACT electricity grid, helping to manage fluctuations in grid voltage and frequency, remove the need to upgrade network infrastructure, store excess electricity from renewable electricity sources, and provide power to help avoid blackouts during periods of high demand and when large fossil fuel generators fail in heatwave conditions,” he said.

The ACT Government is believed to be just weeks away from announcing it has achieved¬†its target of 100 per cent renewable electricity use¬†across the territory, making it Australia’s first jurisdiction to do so.

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Source: ABC News