Caroline Beshay, Head of Marketing at Sustainable Energy Solutions, shares our journey to flexible working and how we are adapting to working remotely during self-isolation.

Read her blog below:

During these challenging times, many businesses are having to adapt very quickly to remote and flexible working arrangements. I thought I would share our flexibility journey to assure you that you are not alone in this and that hopefully you might find some helpful tips. #allinthistogether #learningfromhome #workingfromhome #teamspirit #beamers

I joined Sustainable Energy Solutions in June 2016 as the first part-time flexible member of the team juggling two hats at work (a leadership role and a team role) and many more at home. I had worked for another flexible employer prior to joining SES and this was important to me. The role was advertised through Beam Australia. At the time, Beam was a start-up part-time job marketplace trying to change the perception of professional part-time flexible work. Stephanie from Beam was upfront “I’m Andrew’s wife, I’m rarely in the office but I’m really excited to talk to you and I think we can make this work” and so we did.

Working 4 days a week with different start times to everyone else was a little confusing to others, but I knew I had an action packed week ahead. Soon everyone got used to the idea and they were glad that I was out of the office for at least one day a week!

Within a matter of months, I was joined by 3 more flexible part-timers. Their days and hours were different to mine but there were still only 4 of us so we could draw up a nice little neat timetable for everyone so they knew our days. Collectively, we brought experience, wisdom and the average age up to industry standards 🙂

Fast-forward 4 years and the number of flexible part-timers at SES now outnumber full time employees. Whilst many of us are juggling work and family, others are volunteering in their community or spending time with family and friends. Andrew Reuss (SES Director) has championed flexible working arrangements across the business. Internally, building trust between managers and colleagues goes a long way to fostering our vibrant company culture. Externally, we provide a seamless experience to our clients so, if one of us is not available, there’s always someone who can help. Our clients know our days off better than our colleagues!

Whilst this has put us in a better position during the current Covid-19 crisis, working flexibly and remotely brought a new set of challenges. We might spend most of our day on the phone talking to clients but in the office, we are people people. We have the office prankster, the hipsters, the coffee club, the fitness videos, and cake!!!

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