About Us

Helping businesses reduce their energy use and achieve long term savings.

Sustainable Energy Solutions is a niche consulting firm specialising in energy procurement, founded in 2008 by Andrew Reuss.

We are Australian owned and operated. We help clients to take control of their energy cost by securing competitive electricity and gas contracts for their business or site anywhere in Australia.

Our team of experts can also advise on renewable energy products and energy efficiency technology such as solar, LED lighting and Power Factor Correction. Our goal is to help businesses reduce their energy use and achieve long term savings.

**About** Us
**About** Us

Our mission

To educate and prepare medium and large businesses to

address the impact of energy on their businesses


develop strategies to enable them to effectively take control of their energy costs.

At the heart of our business are 3 core values:
Excellence, positive energy, and collaboration.

Meet our passionate leadership team

Energy markets are becoming increasingly complex. Most of our clients simply don’t have the time to study the market and make the most of online reporting to inform their decisions.

Sustainable Energy Solutions’ team of experienced Client Relationship Managers serve a large client portfolio across diverse industry sectors. Understanding the demands of our clients, whether they are small owner operated businesses or large enterprises is key to our client relationship management strategy. We take a proactive approach to educating our clients and helping them to take advantage of relevant market opportunities.
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Recent market trends

Recent market trends

Recent market trends and updates from the SES team.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Your energy questions, answered.

Understand your bill charges

Understand your bill charges

A handy guide on your electricity bill.

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