A leading multi-site care provider saves over 30% on electricity and gas and goes solar

A leading multi-site care provider saves over 30% on electricity and gas and goes solar


A leading aged care provider approached Sustainable Energy Solutions in 2017 with a problem: energy spend was adversely affecting their business and their previous energy supplier didn’t offer 90% of the services we offer. Our client needed a long term partner who could manage their large multisite electricity and gas portfolio, not just simply facilitate a procurement transaction. Their gas and electricity portfolio consisted of more than 50 supply points across small and large market categories.

The Project

To help our client regain control and make serious energy savings, we took a multi-pronged approach over several years:

● Initially, SES’ procurement experts began working with this client by tracking the market and securing new (significantly cheaper) electricity contracts across the client’s entire portfolio.

● Our primary contact, the Procurement Manager, was impressed by our strategic approach to energy procurement, our knowledge, dedicated account management, and awareness of cost-reduction opportunities. She introduced us to the Property Infrastructure Manager who was looking for solar options at four facilities. Using a solar assessment platform, we helped our client calculate the potential ROI of a range of system sizes and determined the optimal size for each site before going to market for a supplier. Through this process we defined a project scope and minimum requirements that formed part of the tender. We then ran a competitive procurement process that involved assessing the best price, system specifications, and terms and conditions. All four installations were successfully completed in 2019 with minimal disturbance or interruptions to the client’s residents and their families, a key concern for any infrastructure project in aged care facilities.

● In November 2020, our client’s small-market gas contracts that we had secured two years earlier, were up for renewal. After running a full tender with small-market gas suppliers, we identified an opportunity where small-market sites with aggregated gas consumption above XXX megajoules (MJ) could be shifted to a far cheaper gas contract.

● Currently, we are helping our client look at battery storage as an alternative to traditional (and expensive) back-up generators.


Our client shaved over 30% off their electricity and gas spend compared to what they would have spent on traditional small-market contracts. They also tapped into a cash-positive solar project which enabled them to add value to their business, and regain control of their electricity costs.

SES didn’t just broker deals. We identified savings, ran energy audits, and helped our client turn problems into opportunities. We have a deep understanding of the energy and gas market and years of sector specific experience — things you need if you want to help your facilities achieve similar results.

We reduced our electricity and gas spend by over 30% across our aged care portfolio.' - Procurement Manager, Aged care facility


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