Aussie turf grower saves 23% on energy costs with Sustainable Energy Solutions

Aussie turf grower saves 23% on energy costs with Sustainable Energy Solutions


Sustainable Energy Solutions (SES) works with one of the largest and most reputable turf growers in Queensland.

The Project

SES was engaged by the turf grower to assist them in reducing their energy costs across 13 sites.

SES ran a competitive tender reaching out to multiple electricity retailers. We were able to present the client with five prices across various contract periods. This gave the client transparency into retailer pricing and enabled them to make a more informed decision for their business.


Based on the tender results, SES secured a 23% saving over a 36 months contract which the client could switch to immediately. In addition, our team requested a special meter read to enable the client to take advantage of the savings sooner than if they had waited for the regular reading to take place.

As part of the tendering process, we were able to consolidate the client’s 13 electricity meters into a single invoice, a single contract end date and a single meter reading date, thereby reducing the administrative load on the client.

‘The turf grower will reduce their energy spend by 23%, with the potential to further decrease their spend by installing solar’.

Solar assessment

By working closely with the turf grower, we identified potential opportunities for further energy cost reduction through solar.

Sustainable Energy Solutions provided the client with a solar assessment illustrating the payback periods for a variety of system sizes without having to meet with multiple suppliers on site. This enabled the client to assess the feasibility of a solar project with an indicative budget

Key benefits of a solar assessment:

• Transparent system sizes and costs

• Independent modelling

• Site by site system analysis

• Affordable


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