SES Bill Clarity is a platform that utilises full Robotic Process Automation capable of processing thousands of utility bills per minute. This cloud‐based platform simplifies the complex utility spend management process for medium to large businesses by automating manual processes and providing complete control over their full bill cycle.

How does SES Bill Clarity work?

  • Automatically captures and validates invoices,
  • Automates the accounts payable function,
  • Provides clients with opportunities to reduce costs,
  • Provides real‐time utility and financial information at the touch of a button.

A number of complex validation checks are carried out on all new bills as they are automatically uploaded into Bill Clarity which ensures all data is expertly validated, resulting in 99% accuracy and integrity.

Having data that you can trust, gives you confidence that you are only paying for what you are contracted to pay.

The additional insights you can access are real opportunities that can then be actioned to create value for your portfolio.

Benefits of utility data management platforms

Access to energy and water data

  • Meter data
  • Billing data
  • Consumption reports
  • Demand reports
  • Greenhouse emissions reports

Network reviews

  • Performed annually
  • Report supplied by your SES Account Manager

Portfolio management

  • Contract repository of all your current and forward contracts for electricity and gas

Financial management

  • Weekly payment files (consolidating bills from multiple retailers including electricity, gas and water)
  • Accruals
  • Budgeting

Bill validation

  • Energy pricing issues
  • Excessive spend variation
  • Excessive usage variation
  • Network cost variation
  • Overlapped bill
  • Risk of disconnection
  • Discount mismatch
  • Bills for closed site

Download SES Bill Clarity Brochure or contact our team to find out how utility data and expense management can help your business.