Over the past 24 months, Sustainable Energy Solutions has worked tirelessly to establish our energy efficiency arm of the business, to bring our clients a suite of energy solutions across solar, lighting, power factor correction, energy auditing, monitoring, and reporting.

We are very confident in the partners that we have on board and are proud to have jointly won several noteworthy projects across energy efficiency and strategic energy procurement.

Your Sustainable Energy Solutions Account Manager can assist you with:

  • Identification of relevant opportunities such as Solar PV, LED lighting, Power Factor Correction, and energy monitoring.
  • Feasibility analysis and calculating payback periods.
  • Assessing eligibility for rebates, incentives or government grants.
  • Competitive sourcing and analysis of proposals from a range of carefully selected suppliers with a focus on safety, quality, and reliability.
  • Establishing your partnership with the right energy efficiency supplier and being an independent point of contact for two-way feedback.
  • Internal stakeholder engagement and board approval.
  • Finance models including CAPEX, on-bill finance, PPAs or credit to suit your business needs.

Solar and LED Lighting

Not surprisingly, the two key areas we have seen the most interest in this year are solar and LED lighting. With the cost of materials coming down and power prices remaining high, the return on investment is very compelling across all states. If you have been considering solar for some time but haven’t made the decision to go ahead, you could be missing out on significant savings. So, if you were hoping to reduce your energy cost from the start of 2019, it’s important to act now.
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> Follow this link for frequently asked questions on solar and LED

Energy Audits

If you are unsure about where to start with your energy efficiency journey or if you operate a large industrial facility, you might want to consider an energy audit. The cost of an energy audit can be as low as $3,000 and it’s the start of an energy strategy for any company getting serious about controlling energy cost in the next 5 years. Upon completion of the energy audit, you will receive a report outlining a list of projects, enabling you to prioritise your energy efficiency initiatives based on ROI, budget or relevance to your business situation.

Incentives and Rebates

Incentives, rebates, grants and funding vary across states but the good news is that there’s a vast range of projects that may meet the funding criteria. Before you embark on any equipment upgrades, visit our friendly guide or to get in touch with your Sustainable Energy Solutions Account Manager.

> Visit our comprehensive state by state guide.

Environment Upgrade Agreements (EUAs)

Through our network of partners we can assist businesses in several postcode areas across Vic and NSW to access finance to upgrade a commercial  site for the purpose of maximising its energy efficiency under Environmental Upgrade Agreements (EUAs).

Measurement and Verification, Energy Management and Data Monitoring

If you manage a multi-site portfolio, then you may have often wondered why your energy spend varies from site to site. We can assist you with various solutions from installing sub-meters onsite, collecting your consumption data and comparing site information, or setting up an energy management platform that enables you to track electricity, gas, water and waste on a daily basis

National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting System (NGERS)

We have recently completed our first joint NGERS project with a leading industry partner. Collecting data for 430 sites across Australia with a mix of company owned sites, franchise sites and embedded network sites was a mammoth task. If your business is having to report for the first time or if you’ve been unsuccessful in collecting all the necessary data, give us a call and we can share our tips.